Every the start of us couple with a spark - a chance meeting, a shared gaze, a tenuous connection that blossoms into more. As you approach your anniversary, commemorate the stars aligning that started it all with gifts celebrating your origin story. From personalized art to intimate experiences, "start of us" presents from Magic Exhalation nurture the love kindled from that fortuitous first moment while fueling hope for all the chapters still unwritten.

How to tell him that you know it was a fate and you feel so lucky to find each other

  • Every love story has a beginning - a chance encounter, a shared moment, a connection amidst strangers. For you, that first spark of something more happened in the most mundane of ways, yet you felt in your heart it was destiny. Now, as you navigate the blossoming of this relationship, you want him to understand how special it is - how you see it as written in the stars from the very start. Telling him this truth from your soul can unlock an even deeper level of intimacy and trust, if you share from the heart in the right way.
  • Don't only provide facts; instead, emphasize your emotions. To express how important this relationship is to you, speak from the heart and make "I feel" expressions. "I feel so lucky that our paths crossed at the time they did," you might say. I sensed our meeting was fated as soon as I first saw you. Just express your feelings honestly and plainly without overwhelming him with specifics.
  • Be vulnerable. Let him see the wonder in your eyes as you speak. Be soft yet confident in speaking your truth. Showing your authentic emotions, without expectation, gives him space to process what you share on his own terms.
  • Listen deeply to his response. He may need time to reflect on your perspective, so resist the urge to persuade him. Simply honor what he says, and affirm your desire to walk this journey together, however it unfolds. The power of your feeling of fate uniting you can become a shared source of hope and faith, enriching your bond in the months and years to come.

Commemorate the start of us couple with top 5+ anniversary gifts

The gifts for us couples that represent the beginning of your love story assist illustrate how far you've come from the butterflies to the flame that ignited it all. You can find ideas for the start of us couple gifts that celebrate each step in the development of your relationship in this blog.

Special heart-shaped map for your anniversary

This unique anniversary gift combines two timeless concepts - a celebration of your shared history and a glimpse of the wonders of the cosmos - into one touching keepsake. The large canvas displays a stunning star map customized with the coordinates of your first meeting place.
Alongside this cosmic valentine, a miniature map heart shows the very spot where your relationship began that holds a treasure of memories for the two of you. A mesmerizing celebration of love, memory, astronomy and the geography that shapes our lives, this unique gift captures the time and place your love story began in a touching and unforgettable way.

Star map plaque to relive the night we first met

Displaying a star map of the exact coordinates representing the date and time you first met or started dating, it captures a small piece of heavens just as your romance was taking flight. Against a glossy black background illuminated by tiny silver dots of surrounding constellations, the stars aligned for you shine out in luminous gold. The crisp modern design reveals intricacy and detail upon closer look, reflecting how your relationship has undoubtedly grown deeper over time even as it remains grounded in that same beginning.
the start of us couple

Where it all began gift for us

A thoughtful way to celebrate another year together, this meaningful anniversary gift captures the very spot that holds the beginnings of your love story - immortalizing place and moment in a beautiful piece that will accompany your journey for years to come.
The simple heart outline reminds two of you that the love story began in that very place, growing from those profound beginnings into the treasured bond you share today. When this personalized anniversary canvas hangs in your home, it will transport you both back to that fond moment in your shared history each time you gaze upon it.

Unique gift for our fateful moment

A handcrafted work of art, this anniversary sign captures a small piece of your shared history in a thoughtful, timeless way. Give this impactful yet understated anniversary gift to commemorate another year sharing your lives and hearts together.
The personalized coordinates become a constant reminder of the start of us couple - a touchstone to return to whenever you need reassurance that true love does indeed exist.

Cozy blanket for couples

Bring comfort and joy all year round with this one-of-a-kind anniversary blanket gift. The oversized super soft microfiber throw blanket is framed with elegant hammered silver trim, begging to be snuggled under on chilly nights or as a cozy wrap on the couch.
The rich color and luxurious thread count ensure this heirloom blanket will remain a source of warmth and fond memories for many years to come.
the start of us couple

Lovely metal keychain for couples

Give the gift of memories that will last forever - quite literally - with this unique anniversary keychain. The keychain itself is made from durable stainless steel. But what makes this keychain so special is how it will spark treasured memories whenever they pull their keys from their bag.
As they gaze at the map recreating the location where their whole world changed, they'll be transported back to the very first time they saw you - the moment that set their heart racing and kick-started a love that has lasted through the years.
the start of us couple

Anniversary gift for your beginning

Looking for a special and considerate gift for your partner or someone who has everything? Look no farther than this customized anniversary star map canvas!
This thoughtful gift brings back pleasant memories in beautiful visual form and includes a personalized star map showing the exact location of the heavens on the night you first met, as well as a creative recreation of your favorite vinyl record that provided the soundtrack to so many of your early dates. We also provide a range of personalization possibilities, allowing you to pick the ideal style for your loved one.
the start of us couple

Night light plaque for your memorial moment

Behold the marvel of the Love Story Night Light! A glowing tribute to your timeless romance, this personalized anniversary gift features a special star map charting the heavens on your very first night together.
Place this romantic lamp on your nightstand where you'll see its calming light each night before bed, carrying the memory of those stellar first steps into a wonderful future now securely yours. A luminous invocation of all that led you here, shining ahead into all the years still to come. Order yours now and relive the magic that started it all, haloed in heavenly light for the rest of your days.
the start of us couple

How do you find the star map of the night when it all start

Find the precise time and place when your relationship first began. Use the online star map tool in-the-sky.org, which lets you specify a precise date, time, and earthly location. An exact celestial map for that night, depicting the positions of the stars and constellations visible from your vantage point, will be calculated and generated by the tool in-the-sky.org.
As you mark the passage of time together this year, let these anniversary treasures also remind you of love's power to begin anew - with fresh promise, joyful discovery and gratitude for the magic that brought you here - in each precious moment you share. For however many anniversaries lie ahead, may the the start of us couple gifts from Magic Exhalation blog that honor where it all began make each one a celebration of love's ability to start again.