For an anniversary, gift your extraordinary woman alabaster anniversary gifts for her as breathtaking as their soul—an alabaster piece crafted by master artisans to nourish their spirit and illuminate any space with its luminous surface. We've curated 17+ exquisite alabaster pieces in this Magic Exhalation 's blog that will leave your partner breathless with wonder at your thoughtfulness—alabaster gifts born of inspiration that will endure like your timeless love.

How to clean and remove stains from Alabaster

Removing Stains and Discoloration
  • Dust and dirt: Gently wipe alabaster surfaces with a soft, damp cloth to remove loose dust. For heavier dust, mix one part dish soap to two parts water and use a microfiber cloth in a swirling motion. Rinse with clean water and dry immediately.
  • Oil stains: Apply a paste of baking soda and water onto oil stains on alabaster. Let sit for 30 minutes then wipe away with a damp cloth. You can also use mineral spirits on a cotton swab before rinsing. Test in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Watermarks: Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water and apply to watermarks with a soft cloth or sponge. Rub in a circular motion until marks lift, then rinse and dry.
  • Tea/coffee stains: Make a paste of equal parts baking soda and water and apply to stained areas. Gently rub with a soft cloth, rinse and dry.
Regular Maintenance
  • Dust weekly with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and particles.
  • Apply a coat of wax no more than once every six months. Use a paste wax and buff in circular motions. This helps seal alabaster to protect against damage and staining.
  • Store alabaster objects separately to avoid scratching or chipping. Lean upright items at an angle to prevent damage at the base.
  • Avoid harsh cleansers, abrasive scrubbing or sudden temperature changes which can cause cracking.

The best alabaster anniversary gifts for her to say I love you

While alabaster gifts may seem commonplace, with some inspiration you can find truly special pieces that will delight your partner on your anniversary. Below you'll find 17+ elegant alabaster anniversary gifts for her that are sure to evoke a feeling of opulence and luxury.

Lovely round alabaster earrings for her

These dazzling white alabaster earrings are a dream gift for your spouse or that someone who seems to have everything. The solid, crafted round stone design and crafted in polished 14 karat yellow gold ensures timeless styling and elegance on the wearer.
Whether she likes to keep a classic, understated personal style or has a love for bling, these golden alabaster earrings have something for her.

Delicate bracelet for your wife

Infuse some soulful beauty into her everyday style with this charming heart-shaped ankle bracelet. Crafted from lustrous amethyst and milky white alabaster, two dreamy gemstones that remind us to cherish love and lightness of spirit, this delicate piece is sure to bring a smile to her face.
At an irresistible price, this dainty yet meaningful piece of stackable jewelry makes a sweet gesture that says "I was thinking of you." Let her walk through her busy day surrounded by the loving vibes of iridescent amethyst and tranquil alabaster.

Alabaster tea light holder for your 37th anniversary celebration

Make her day happier with this gorgeous alabaster candle holder, an anniversary gift of natural elegance and understated grandeur. This heirloom-quality item was skillfully hand carved from a solid block of the purest white alabaster stone. It has beautiful curves and flowing lines that will catch the warm glow of candlelight and add a calming atmosphere to any room.

Special dinner table set for your romantic anniversary date

With this gorgeous alabaster glass dining set, you may create a romantic ambiance for your anniversary supper. Her senses will be brought to a state of calm reflection and eager expectation by the cold, glossy texture against her lips.
With its timeless appeal, this set makes a beautiful gift that represents eternity and the enduring nature of your partnership. It will devotedly light up your festivities for years to come.

Classic alabaster candlestick holder for anniversary night

Give her this classic alabaster candlestick holder to brighten your anniversary celebration; it is a beacon of coziness, grace, and understated luxury that has captured hearts for generations. With the candlestick holder adorning your table, it transforms into a lovely center point that will warm your anniversary supper with its gentle flame and fill your home with emotions of tranquility.

Subtle alabaster jewelry box for her

Treat her to timeless elegance and luxury with this exquisite alabaster jewelry box - a perfect gift for the special woman in your life. A meaningful gift that symbolizes permanence, longevity and the enduring beauty of her spirit, this classic jewelry box with its aesthetic appeal destined to stand the test of time will become a treasured keepsake, faithfully serving to protect and illuminate her most cherished belongings for years to come.

Stunning alabaster pendant light for romantic night

This stunning alabaster pendant light will add romance and timeless beauty to your anniversary celebration. Every intricately etched feature is highlighted by the warm glow coming from within, which breathes life into the space and creates the ideal atmosphere for romantic dinners or relaxing nights at home.
Give her a magical moment by surprise her with this one-of-a-kind decorative light. This priceless relic will endure time and serve as a treasured conversation piece and a lasting memorial to your unbreakable friendship.

Cute white teadrop alabaster necklace for her

Exude effortless grace and charm with this exquisite alabaster drop necklace. When worn, the necklace brings out the beauty in the wearer, highlighting elegant features while elevating every outfit with understated luxury.
A wonderful pick for your wife with refined tastes, this piece draws inspiration from nature's most basic elements - water and stone - blending them into a design that is at once strikingly original yet permanently enduring.

Alabaster twin candles or tealights for a romantic night

Perfect for holding twin candles or tealights during your anniversary celebrations, this cube-shaped lantern carved by experienced artisans will become a nightly ritual year after year - a pocket of calm and reflection amidst the busyness of everyday life.
Alabaster's long history as a material favored by royalty and displayed in sacred spaces imbues this simple cube with an understated aura of timeless elegance and luxury.

White alabaster bracelet that she'll treasure

Wrap timeless beauty and eternal serenity around her wrist with this lovely stretch bracelet. Handcrafted from the rarest of gems - tranquil white alabaster mined from ancient quarries and deep blue Lapis Lazuli sourced from Afghanistan's rocky heights - it symbolizes the balance and harmony you've cultivated together over the years.
A testament to the beauty that grows between two souls through commitment and understanding, this stunning yet simple piece of jewelry wraps the love you feel each day around her wrist as a reminder of what makes this anniversary - and every anniversary to come - most extraordinary: you.

Stunning alabaster ring for her

Gift her a little touch of timeless elegance and earthy luxury with this stunning white alabaster and sterling silver ring. Adorning her hand, the ring becomes a wordless expression of your affection, speaking volumes with its whisper-thin silhouette and marriage of crisp alabaster and lustrous silver.
A modern take on ancient allure, this gracious gift promises to grow ever more treasured with the passing years as it comes to represent your thoughtful intentions and enduring love.

Vintage-inspired jewelry box for your anniversary

Presenting this finely crafted Italian alabaster jewelry box on your anniversary is a gesture equally timeless and artisan-made, handpicked just for your treasured love. The alabaster surface smoothed by time radiates an ambient glow when the jewelry box is opened, imbuing the room with warmth and grace.
A gift with history as deep and meaningful as your own story, it will shine brightly as a symbol of your enduring affection - standing the test of each passing year and anniversary just as your love surely will.

Special heart stone for her

The pristine white stone takes on the soft glow unique to alabaster, infusing the very air with its radiance and grace. Meant to reside proudly on a bookshelf, desk or nightstand as a daily reminder of shared joy, this carved white heart hewn from stone shows a thoughtfulness that like true love will stand the test of time.

Unique alabaster atomizer for anniversary

Need a special gift for a loved one who seems to have everything? Surprise her with this exquisite sculpted treasure, a memento that feels plucked from another era but infused with lasting romance for the present day.
Carved from alabaster quarried in ancient Mediterranean mines, this alabaster atomizer features intricately chiseled flowers - a gorgeous tribute to timeless beauty and femininity.

Alabaster tray that will nicely complement your 37th anniversary

Carved by skilled artisans from the purest alabaster quarried from North Carolina's verdant hills, these polished trays exude a soothing simplicity and understated luxury that will delight your loved one's senses the moment she lays eyes upon them.
These gifted alabaster trays promise to grow more treasured with each passing anniversary as they become woven into the story of your love together.

Other amazing 37th anniversary gifts that you can't miss to make your wife happy

As you consider gifts for your wife or partner on such a significant anniversary as your 37th, personalized pieces that commemorate your shared history and family make beautiful choices. In addition to Alabaster gifts, gifts that preserve memories and milestones in an artistic, tangible form will become treasured parts of your loved one's home décor for years to come.
With the option to include photos of important moments from your relationship and family over the decades, our tailored canvases and blankets become visual timelines that trace the full arc of your love story so far.

Romantic song lyrics vinyl canvas for 37th anniverary

Provide a moment of magic by gifting her this uniquely romantic anniversary canvas - a memento that will forever preserve the first song and dance you shared together. The colorful circular canvas captures the song lyrics woven into vinyl grooves of that beloved tune frozen in time - the very notes that filled the air as you held each other close and swayed to the music on that fateful night you met.
alabaster anniversary gifts for her

Special watercolor photo canvas for couple

Bring a tear of joy to her eye by gifting her this one-of-a-kind anniversary canvas - a memory that poetically preserves your very first dance together. The watercolor lyrics of that beloved tune you held each other close to are framed in a faded photo capturing your hopeful smiles as young love's dreamers just setting out on the waltz of life.
When she unwraps this artful gift, watch her eyes light with nostalgic wonder as memories come flooding back of your carefree courtship, youthful dreams shared, and youth that has now matured into something deeper and truer with each passing year.
alabaster anniversary gifts for her

Vintage where it all began poster for 37th anniversary

The warm aged tones of the canvas backdrop and antique map combine with your cherished photo to create a focal point rich with memories meant to bring a smile to her face each time she lays eyes upon it.
The affordable price makes this personalized gift attainable enough to become a yearly tradition, with the option to add new locations and photos to mark anniversaries to come.
alabaster anniversary gifts for her

Acrylic block gift for 37th anniversary

Placing this photo block in a prominent spot reserved just for it allows your dear one to pause each day and reflect anew on how far you've come as a couple and family since the very beginning captured so lovingly within.
The reasonable price makes this bespoke gift attainable enough to bless anniversaries to come, with room for additional photos marking new memories and milestones as your journey unwinds.
alabaster anniversary gifts for her

Cozy blanket that will warm up your anniversary night

The moment she wraps this cozy creation around her shoulders, your dear one will be transported back to that perfect love song on the radio during your first drive, or the song you serenaded her with over candlelight so long ago.
Whilst bundled up under this one-of-a-kind design personalized just for you both, she'll reminisce on how music has complemented every significant phase of your love story so far.
alabaster anniversary gifts for her

Classic tree canvas for 37th anniversary

It is visually endearing because of its rustic look and use of a classic tree theme to symbolize the growth of your family. It also feeds the spirit since it preserves the names of your loved ones in physical form—a permanent tribute to the people who make your lives more fulfilling.
Giving your partner this commemorative canvas expresses your gratitude for the family that has developed from the roots of your love for one another, much like branches from a shared trunk.
alabaster anniversary gifts for her

What is alabaster anniversary?

Alabaster is the Modern Gift Symbol for the 37th Wedding Anniversary. For your 37th wedding anniversary, alabaster gifts symbolize durability, endurance and timeless beauty - perfect for commemorating nearly four decades of marriage.

What is the meaning of alabaster?

Alabaster has a rich metaphorical value for partnerships, standing for virtues like grace, tenacity, and selflessness. Due to its desirable characteristics, it is a suitable material for unique gifts between lovers or for celebrating 37th wedding anniversaries.

Is alabaster valuable?

Alabaster of superior quality and rarity may be more valuable and sought after by collectors and craftspeople.

What are the spiritual qualities of alabaster?

Alabaster holds spiritual significance as a stone that represents peace, calmness and tranquility. Its smooth, unblemished surfaces evoke a stillness of soul we all seek. Objects made of alabaster can remind us of the spiritual qualities of peace we strive to cultivate within.
Alabaster's luminosity, warm glow, and ability to absorb light give it an almost heavenly essence that elevates any occasion. So this anniversary, choose one of these exquisite alabaster anniversary gifts for her from Magic Exhalation blog and watch your wife light up with delight at your thoughtfulness and love. She will cherish this gift for decades, remembering not just the beauty of the stone but the beautiful meaning you've imbued it with by choosing it specifically for her on your special day together.