For your 14th anniversary, give your partner a drunk elephant anniversary gift that celebrates the joy and wisdom symbolized by elephants without causing any harm to actual animals. With Magic Exhalation's blog, you'll find various eco-friendly elephant-themed products that make ideal 14th anniversary presents, reminding your loved one of the longevity, loyalty and gentle strength your relationship has cultivated over the years.

4 fun ways to celebrate 14th anniversary with elephant theme without harming any animal

  • Throw an elephant-themed party. Decorate with balloons, banners, plates and napkins with elephant prints. Serve elephant ear-shaped snacks and cupcakes topped with sugary gray "trunks." Hide elephant-shaped prizes around the house for a party game.
  • Watch "Dumbo". Curl up together and enjoy Disney's timeless tale of an underdog elephant who overcomes cruelty with kindness. It's a sweet reminder of the inner strength your relationship has cultivated over the years.
  • Make elephant crafts out of recycled materials. Paint clay elephants from air-dry modeling clay. Fold origami elephants from old newspaper or color elephant mandalas together. Create, don't take.
  • Cook elephant-themed vegetarian foods that celebrate life. Decor your dinner dishes with elephant them. Share a meal that celebrates your love in special style.

10+ adorable drunk elephant anniversary gift for 14th anniversary

As our drunk elephant anniversary gift list is an amazing alternative to ivory items, you won't have to struggle with ivory theme for 14th anniversary. Let these thoughtful anniversary gift be a reminder of the wisdom within you both - the compassion and peace you cultivate together.

Gold elephant wine glass for anniversary celebration

Treat that special someone in your life to an absolutely unique wine experience with an exquisite Gold Elephant wine glass. Crafted from lead-free crystal with mouth-blown precision and finished in 22k gold, these stemless glasses offer a super premium gift that elevates any wine tasting occasion.

These tumblers would make an ideal wedding anniversary present if you and your spouse enjoy a leisurely evening beverage.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Special Elephants Trumpeting Oil Warmer Statue

Bring warm ambiance and cheerful spirit into your home with an Elephants Trumpeting Oil Warmer Statue. This oil warmer is 6.5" long and deep and 5.25" tall. Each elephant is hand-painted and uniquely polished, and it is made of designer composite resin. In a triumphal attitude, the elephants are intricately detailed.

A tea light in the center of them is intended to warm the fragrance oils, which will fill the space with a wonderful aroma. This present will undoubtedly be a hit among your couple friends because it is both practical and lovely.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Elephant-shaped mug for 14th anniversary

Add some fun and whimsy to your morning tea or coffee routine with this charming ceramic elephant tea mug with convenient space for tea bag. If your lover enjoys drinking tea or coffee, this is among the greatest 14th anniversary presents on this list.

The elephant-shaped mug has a 15-ounce capacity and a built-in tea bag holder. I particularly like that it is machine washable and made of heat-resistant ceramic. The eye-catching design and pleasant elephant shape will put a smile on your face each day.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Cute elephant couples wall art for 14th anniversary

This detailed elephant print would be a thoughtful alternative to an ivory gift and can be personalised with the names of the couple and their wedding date.

We think it would make a lovely anniversary present idea for a couple you know (or to your loved one!). "Absolutely gorgeous, exactly as seen and described," says one happy shopper. "Quality paper and the calligraphy style writing makes the picture even prettier."
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Lovely elephant keychain for couples

Giving your spouse this keychain on your 14th anniversary is a thoughtful gesture. Given their practical nature, keychains make thoughtful presents, and this one's motivational phrase of "Don't forget how strong you are" will make it extra meaningful. Lead- and nickel-free robust stainless steel is used to make the keychain.

Additionally, it won't rust or tarnish and is hypoallergenic. The keychain is simple to discover yet compact enough to put in a pocket or handbag thanks to its 1.18" diameter, 0.4" elephant charm, and 1.2" circular charm. Your partner will adore this present.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Special card to say happy 14th anniversary

For your spouse or to send to a couple you know who are commemorating their 14th wedding anniversary, this beautiful elephant card is ideal. The card is left blank inside so you can write your own unique message.

It is printed on thick white card. Want some ideas? You may definitely use these love quotes. It comes with a distinctive red envelope that matches the letter. The style is straightforward, cute, and pleasant.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Loving Elephant Sculpture Statue for 14 years of love

Symbolize the loving grace and wisdom of your partnership with the Loving Elephant Sculpture Statue - a timeless anniversary gift that honors the bond you share. This two-piece sculpture of a loving elephant is a wonderful gift idea if you're looking for a sweet present suggestion.

The adorable elephant couple is a wonderful example of love, and their trunks are shaped like a heart. The elephants are wonderful interior or outdoor decorations and have fantastic-looking wooden fishing. From the elephants' bases to the tips of their trunks, they stand roughly 9 inches tall.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Hippie elephant pillowcases for couples

Celebrate your loving bond this anniversary with elephant pillowcases - a gift that brings whimsy, wisdom and joy to the start of each day. These pillowcases are a wonderful addition to any bedroom and make the ideal present for your spouse or a couple of friends who are celebrating their wedding anniversary.

They are constructed from exceptionally soft, high-grade brushed microfibre. They feature a great bohemian look and an envelope closure. They are available in king and queen sizes and may be hand- or machine-washed. They will endure the test of time because the material is resistant to fading and shrinking.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Luxury gold elephant necklace for her

If you want to spend a little less than the amount mentioned above, this stunning gold necklace is lovely and elegant. The elephant necklace adds flair to any outfit and is understated enough to be worn every day.

The design has an extendable extension link chain that can be added if more length is required. The elephant necklace is endearing, odd, and distinctive.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Special elephant leather journal keepsake for your lover

Mark another year of closeness and growth with the gift of memory - an exquisite elephant leather journal. This fair trade leather journal is a great 14th wedding anniversary gift if your spouse enjoys writing or drawing. made from Indra leather, and an elephant is imprinted.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Elephant lunch bag gift for her

She would like this adorable elephant lunch bag, which may simply be used as a purse. It showcases the exquisite works of art by German artist. Compared to conventional lunch bags, the insulated bag keeps food fresher because it is made of a thick neoprene material. It can fit containers that are 6" and 7" wide and is 12 x 12 x 6.5".

It can be folded and laid flat once empty. It is composed of lead-free and environmentally friendly PVC, and the fact that it can be reused makes it even greener. Additionally, it is machine washable, durable, and stain-resistant. Give your wife this for anniversary so she may have the hippest lunch bag at work.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Cute elephant tealight holders for 14th anniversary theme

These cute elephant tealight holders are made of marble and come in matching colors or with a white and a black elephant. For many years to come, they will serve as a sweet memento of your 14th wedding anniversary.
Over 70 reviewers have given them a 4.9 out of 5 rating; one said, "Great quality and exactly what they looked like in the pictures!" The elephants arrive wrapped in a lovely hessian bag and with a tealight.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

Funny elephant wine holder statue for 14th anniversary

Mark that special anniversary with an unique gift that symbolizes your enduring bond - an adorable elephant wine holder statue. This statue of an elephant holding a glass of wine is a wonderful present if your significant other appreciates a nice glass.

The elephant figure itself looks excellent and is made of shatter-proof polyresin. You could even put this on display with a full bottle of wine to savor that evening of your anniversary with your significant other! Make this anniversary one they'll never forget.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

What is the symbol for 14 years of marriage?

In the past, ivory was the customary symbol for the 14th anniversary; however, poaching and animal rights issues have made this a problem. Instead, the elephant is frequently chosen as the 14th anniversary theme, representing the steadiness, endurance, and dignity a long marriage entails.

What is the alternative to ivory anniversary?

Personalized gifts make perfect alternatives to ivory for anniversary gifts. Customized meaningful lyrics, quotes or phrases that are special to your relationship onto items like canvas or blankets. This makes it truly thoughtful and cherished. Simple customizable items can become truly memorable when personalized just for the two of you.
Here is an amazing 14th anniversary gift for your life partner that you can not miss.
drunk elephant anniversary gift

What is the 14 year anniversary gift traditional and modern?

Ivory is a traditional gift for couples celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary because it represents longevity, stability, and permanence. A marriage would also endure and bear the test of time, which is why ivory things were highly appreciated for their beauty and toughness.
For the 14th wedding anniversary, gold has grown in popularity as an alternative to ivory. For many couples, the 14th anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate the permanence, wealth, and durability that gold also represents.

So this anniversary, celebrate 14 years of joy and meaning not by taking from animals, but by giving a drunk elephant anniversary gift from Magic Exhalation blog that uplifts the spirit, honoring the wonder and wisdom of the elephant through values you and your partner uphold: empathy, reflection and reverence for life.