For some happiness cultists, Father's Day is a day to look forward to. A gift like Father's day canvas or To My Dad canvas from son is considered the most desirable thing for every father. Each gift right below has a slightly different meaning, but it's all assembled to help your special man celebrate Father's Day in the perfect way.

How to preserve canvas to last for a long time

Here are some tips to preserve your Father's Day canvas artwork to last for a long time:

  1. Seal the canvas with a protective coating. The most effective is to apply multiple coats of varnish or acrylic spray. This will create a barrier to protect the paint from moisture, UV rays, and dust. Gloss or satin finish varnishes are recommended.
  2. Hang the canvas properly. Use hooks that attach to the wooden frame, not the canvas itself. Ensure the hanging wire is taut and secure. Hanging loosely can cause distortions over time.
  3. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. UV rays can cause the paint and colors to fade over time. Either hang the canvas in an area with indirect light or use UV-protective glass for framed canvases.
  4. Keep it away from extreme temperatures. Large fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause the canvas to shrink, stretch or warp. Keep the canvas at a consistent temperature between 60°F and 75°F.
  5. Dust regularly but gently. Use a microfiber cloth to dust the surface. Never use paper towels or harsh cleaners as they can damage the finish. Vacuuming the back of an unstretched canvas can also help keep it clean.
  6. Don't write directly on the canvas. Use a label on the frame or matte instead of writing on the back of the canvas itself. Ink can bleed through over time.
  7. Store properly when not on display. Roll the canvas gently but tightly, then place it inside an acrylic tube or sleeve to protect from dust, moisture and accidental impacts. Label the sleeve or tube clearly.

With proper care and maintenance using these techniques, your Father's Day gift can hopefully bring your dad joy for many years to come! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Custom Artwork Made with Love on a Father's Day canvas Just for the Man Who Raised You

Owning an impressive canvas on Father's Day can be seen as a special feat for him this year. I think when you come to this article, you already have a picture of a canvas in your head, right? It features images of this year's highlights of him or his proud achievements or simply a picture of a happy man with a youthful smile on his face, adding a little rusticity. because he is a simple man, summed up by his name and his children.

Well, that's exactly what I have in this collection. Check now to see if your ideas are outlined in the gifts below.

Daddy custom photo canvas

When I see this design, I wonder, why everything is so harmonious. Each letter represents a distant but beautiful memory of his fatherhood journey. There is a special bond of fatherhood here that makes everything more meaningful. This canvas print is especially dedicated to all fathers on Father's Day so that they can feel the deep meaning of being in a special position.

In addition, you can fully preview the design with the amazing "Live Preview" feature in this product. All you have to do is upload your photo and simply edit it to create a masterpiece. To do this, just select the "PERSONALIZE" button right below the size options to operate!

father's day canvas

1st Fathers Day Gift | Custom Father’s Day Photo Canvas

Another version for new dads. This design has an improvement over the canvas above that I mentioned above. That is the design of the letters is more enlarged, so that your family moments will be more fully expressed without cropping any part of the photo.

But in short, no matter how you put each of your great photos, it is beautiful because each design has its own strengths. With this design, the definition of father is made clearer and more emphasized, this design can be for all occasions not just father's day.

personalized dad canvas, canvas for dad

Custom Star Map Canvas Wall Art

For those who are feeling far away from the phrase "custom star map", I would like to explain a bit. This canvas is inspired by gift personalization from the position of the stars in the galaxy at that particular moment. To be able to get the most accurate star map, you need to provide the seller with as much detail as possible about the date, time and address. Because that will be almost the only chart you have for that special day.

Going back to this design, this gift is perfectly personalized with towering mountains created from family members' birth chart. This is a perfect combination to make Father's Day special.

This gift can be customized up to 8 mountains representing 8 members of your family. Note that leaving more detailed information will help you get a unique map. Bring this design home right away, ensuring visitors will be amazed at its massiveness.

personalized canvas for dad, dad custom photo canvas

To My Dad Canvas from Daughter

Sending dad the sweetest words, the sweetest hugs and the most fulfilling childhood moments. That's all the children want their father to feel to the fullest on this special day. Children, no matter how strong they are, to their fathers, they are still as small as the first days of toddlers.

This gift is simply for dads who don't have fancy presents. Designed on a faux wood base, but many Magic Exhalation customers appreciate it, it looks so realistic and sharp that at a glance, you'd think it's a real wood design. Looks so luxurious, doesn't it?

canvas gift ideas

To My Dad Canvas from Son - Thoughtful Canvas Print

Back with a new version for boys for dad. We created two versions so any kid who loves this design can give his dad the perfect gift To My Dad canvas from son. This design is extremely suitable for homes that are designed in a minimalist way to help honor the owner's top aesthetic.

to my dad canvas daddy canvas

Other Canvas Gift Ideas for All Dad

In the above, I have briefly introduced the designs for biological fathers or wives bought for their husbands on Father's Day, but what about designs for other men who are also fathers? You can of course find all the giveaways right below.

Watercolor Portrait on Canvas for Grandpa

Watercolor design is becoming mainstream this year. This design is inspired by watercolor paintings but made directly from your photo. There are no brushes placed on this design, it is created from unique technologies that make the design look like it has been painstakingly drawn for many hours in watercolor. This special feature will make your canvas stand out, helping to show off the happy smiles of the two grandchildren.

personalized father in law canvas

Personalized Father in Law Canvas Photo Collage

Another object that you may forget on Father's Day is the father-in-law. He worked hard to raise your spouse and now it's time to honor him. With this design, all the precious photos recording the "success" of the father-in-law this year will be available here. Put it all together and you have a great family portrait in no time!

memorial canvas for dad

Thoughtful Memorial Canvas for Dad To Honor His Life

As I write these lines down, I feel the omission of someone looking for this gift for a father in heaven. Someone once said "The best thing in the world is to be with your loved ones when you need them most", and even though dad is no longer around, a memorial gift will help comfort the soul clumsy.

This canvas can be personalized with the image of the deceased father and the poem I Never Left You as a gentle consolation, a reminder of the road ahead that needs to be taken next for those left behind.

to my dad canvas from son

Q.A 1: How to surprise dad on Father's Day?

Make him breakfast in bed with favorite foods. Include a DIY coupon book with activities you'll do together like fishing, golfing, a sporting event. Include Father's Day card expressing your love.

Q.A 2: Do dads love getting presents on Father's Day?

Most dads do appreciate receiving presents on Father's Day. It shows his children were thinking about him and wanting to give something special just for him. Even small, inexpensive gifts along with sincere sentiments can make a dad's day, knowing his role as a father is valued and celebrated. The thought behind the gift matters most.


Above are my latest To My Dad canvas from son & daughter compilations for the Father's Day canvas collection. I hope you got some great Father's Day ideas and a surprise for him. These designs are new designs, simple but never out of date, with a variety of designs to help you easily choose the most suitable gift.