My dad said that the happiest moment of his life was receiving 1st Fathers Day gifts from bump the year I came into this world. With Father's Day gifts from bump, that day all storms disappeared behind the door of the house. The significance of that gift reminded him that a steady responsibility was coming to help him grow. That's why he strongly recommends giving every dad a gift on Father's Day or the day he hears that he's going to be a father. It will awaken his masculinity and the slightly faint father will become a strong fire. Believe me, he will do anything to protect both of you.

Browse through my collection below to admire the beauty of being proud to be a father!

Why should you give your man a meaningful gift on first Father's Day?

Father's Day is a unique occasion that recognizes the importance of dads in our lives. For first-time fathers who are only now learning how to balance the trials and rewards of fatherhood, it may have a special resonance. Giving nice Father's Day gifts from bump will help make this day even more special and will leave your spouse with a treasured memory. Give your man a special present on his first Father's Day for the following reasons:

  • It shows him you recognize the transition he has made into fatherhood. Becoming a father for the first time is a big life change, and having that acknowledged and celebrated means a lot.
  • It marks the occasion as special. For a new father, Father's Day may not seem very different from any other day at first. But when you give him a meaningful gift, it signifies that this is a special day to commemorate his role as a dad.
  • It helps cement his bond with his child. A thoughtful gift that also involves or represents the child can help strengthen the connection between father and baby in a meaningful way.
  • It shows him you appreciate all he does as a father. While a new dad may still be trying to figure things out, your gift can serve as an expression of gratitude for the caring, patience, and love he brings to fatherhood.
  • It sets the tradition off on the right foot. Gifting your partner a meaningful present on his first Father's Day can help establish an ongoing tradition of showing your love and appreciation for him as a dad each year on this day.

The most important thing is to choose or make something that is truly meaningful and personal based on your partner's interests, personality and relationship with your child. A handmade gift from the baby, a sentimental framed photo, or something that represents inside jokes you share as a family can all make for deeply touching first Father's Day gifts.

Top Amazing Fathers Day gifts from bump for all dad to be

Welcoming a precious being that is about to come into this world is extremely important (if not the most important) for every new parent. Feel every heart flutter when holding a meaningful gift with an ultrasound photo of a baby that makes any father's heart melt. Imagine, a tiny being growing inside her belly, forming parts and listening to the sounds of life through a prism of its own. It's actually bigger than that first million dollar milestone. Therefore, help those dads enjoy this happiness and double it with one of the suggestions right below!

Canvas wall art - One of the best First Fathers day gifts from unborn baby

This gift was bought by me last year for my brother when he heard that my beloved granddaughter was about to be born. Not only that, this gift was also given on Father's Day, making him cherish it non-stop. The quality of the canvas is unquestionable, it's durable and the ink color is extremely good. That's why my grandson is 1 year old but it still looks like new. As soon as he received this gift, he loved it non-stop and hung it right on the sofa as a heirloom.

He told me that every time he looks at this canvas, he doesn't stop loving his little one more. Look, once just a small bump in the mother's womb, now it's so big that it's about to run around the house.

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Father's Day pregnancy gift canvas from unborn baby

Another version that is also extremely popular at Magic Exhalation is this moss color version. I am really impressed with this color, imagine how it will make your home look outstanding and instant gout when hanging it. In addition to being a gift that marks an important milestone in the journey of motherhood, this is also a place to preserve the most memorable moments of your unborn child.

In addition, with eco-friendly canvas and ink, you can confidently hang it in the house while ensuring the health of the whole family. With just one click, upload a picture of your lovely baby instantly and easily visualize what your gift will look like with our "Live Preview" function. Try it now to make sure you don't miss a piece of art for your home with the link below!

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Ultrasound mug for dad

A lovely version of a welcome father's day glass is waiting for you! Entirely made of heat-resistant and sturdy ceramic, this mug is a must-have gift for any morning coffee addict. Diving into the design, you will imagine the connection of the family when the parents' hands wrap around the bump like how parents always protect their children with the most sacred love.

There are 3 types of mugs for you to choose from to suit any style, including pure white mugs, pure black mugs and accent mugs. Especially with the mug accent, you have 7 color options for the inside of the mug.

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Custom photo mug from baby for 1st Father's day

This is also the same mug as the one above that I mentioned, but the special thing is that it is designed with two sides with different content running around the mug. On the one hand, you will admire the special moment of the baby in the womb, on the other hand, you will see the cutest messages coming from your baby. This is great, isn't it? It doubles happiness thanks to sweet and cute things.

But don't worry, you only need to pay the same amount of money as the mug above and still have a special double-sided design. Buy it today as quantities are definitely limited.

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Classic tumbler for Dad to be

For dads who have endless fun with long-distance chases, this tumbler is the perfect start. He can bring the pride of being a father to his journey. This tumbler is simply not too striking, but enough to pay tribute to a dad with his important turning point in life-being a father for the first time.

In addition, there are 17 popular vase colors for you to choose from to match his personality. Each color has its own personality and you can easily choose the color that he adores, it is sure to make him cherish forever.

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Acrylic Blocks for First Fathers Day

For those who love durability and appreciate the longevity of a gift, this acrylic block is a perfect gift that fulfills this requirement. Why do I say that? Take a look at the solidity of this block, you will understand why it can actually last up to 100 years without any problems. This is a simple decorative gift that also easily turns into a timeless gift for you to give your new dad.

Don't forget that it's completely personalized and unlike any regular acrylic block out there. But the downside that many people will not appreciate is the price of the product. But I think, a meaningful gift will not lie in how much it costs.

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To My Daddy acrylic plaque

This is not just an ordinary decorative plaque, it is also a special night light with many different light tones. Normally, this plaque is a special highlight for your room, but when night falls, turn on the lights, the light emitted is enough to warm up a small room. I'm talking about steam here, not mentioning that it will give off heat like a furnace, so don't get me wrong.

Lights will shine on your baby's special message to his future father, and we'll see each other in just a little while. This is also a special way to express your day-to-day longing for the baby that is about to be born.

fathers day gifts from the bump, fathers day presents from bump

New Dad Shirts

If your baby already has a name, this shirt is trendy enough for him to wear all day. This shirt has a minimalist design when using the hands of the father and son holding each other. It represents an invisible bond for a particular affection between two hearts - the love of a father and a child.

Help him enjoy the unique design of this t-shirt in the days of waiting for the baby to be born, but even after the baby is born, this shirt will never go out of fashion. It can still be worn on any occasion.

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Q.A 1: Why is First Father's Day important?

Father's Day is important because it is a day to acknowledge and appreciate fathers for everything they do for their families. It is a chance to make dads feel valued and celebrated for being role models, providers and caregivers to their children.

Q.A 2: Do you need to give a congratulatory gift to the soon-to-be father?

Congratulations gifts for soon-to-be fathers are customary but not required. A small gift can help express your excitement and support for the new journey they are about to embark on. Simple yet meaningful presents like a mug, onesie, book on parenting or personalized photo framework as well as congratulatory Fathers Day gifts from bump.


Maybe my list of Fathers Day gifts from bump should stop here. The Father's Day gifts from bump that I mentioned above are just suggestions so you can plan to surprise him on his first day of fatherhood. That great moment should be celebrated more than ever because he deserves it. No matter what gift you give him, it's not about the price, it's about the special value you want to give him - a tribute to a new challenging yet incredibly joyful task to come.