What better way to remember all the amazing places you've visited together than by push pin a where are you from map? There's nothing intriguing like sharing these experiences on a place we've been map with the person you love. There's sure to be an awesome places we've been map option on this list from Magic Exhalation blog that will perfectly capture your unique travel experiences as a couple.

14 Unique Ways for couples To Keep Track Of The Places You Travel

For adventurous couples, travel becomes an integral part of your shared story. Whether you backpack the world or take weekend getaways, the destinations you discover together shape your bond in memorable ways.
Rather than simply letting these trips fade into memory, there are many creative ways to document and track the places you experience side by side. Here are 14 unique ideas:
  1. Keep a travel journal chronicling your adventures together.
  2. Collect small souvenirs from each destination: tickets, maps, postcards. Display in a shadowbox or scrapbook.
  3. Build a globe and place stickers or magnets on destinations you've visited together.
  4. Plant a "travel garden" with a plant or flower native to each place.
  5. Take a photo in the same spot at each destination. Compile into a video or photo collage.
  6. Design custom beer or wine labels featuring hotels, sights and trips.
  7. Make a scrapbook of ticket stubs, brochures and memorabilia arranged chronologically.
  8. Decorate a world map with pins, stickers or customized pushpins for each location.
  9. Collect sand or soil samples from beaches and parks. Display in labeled jars or vials.
  10. Design a digital "travel clock" with pictures of your travels appearing each hour.
  11. Fill a large mug or jar with mementos like coins, keychains and bottle openers from destinations visited.
  12. Compile a "digital travel book" of photos, travel blogs and ticket stubs for each trip.
  13. Make a "travel wall" with pictures from each destination arranged by year.
  14. Use location-specific origami to create a mobile reminding you of destinations visited hanging from your rearview mirror.

The best places we've been map that capture your great journey together

For any couples who love adventure and exploring all over the world, here are my top 5+ picks for places we've been map to commemorate the trips and travels that helped create precious memories in your relationship. The destinations you’ve visited together help shape your love story. Let's our stunning where are you from map be a part of your love journey.

Unique wooden cut pieces map for couples

The precision wooden cut pieces join together to form a stunning representation of the United States. As you pinch the push-pins into places you've traveled or dream of visiting, this map becomes more than just a decoration - it's a celebration of all the experiences and adventures that shape us.
States are accurately proportioned in size to give a realistic representation. The high-quality wood finish ensures this piece will age gracefully to become a treasured family heirloom.

Amazing Large World map for couples

The exquisitely rendered large World maps shows every continent and country in painstaking detail, transporting you to far away lands the moment you lay eyes on them. Linger over each pin, recalling fond tales of your travels together and plotting your course for amazing adventures yet to come. And because the map is so large, it's a great conversation starter when guests come over.
You can share your travel stories with your lover and inspire others to explore the world. It's a great way to show off your shared love of adventure and inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

Silver scratch off map of US for couples

Make unearthing hidden treasures together an adventure in and of itself with this stunning silver scratch off map of United States for couples. As you each scratch away, memories of favorite trips, family vacations, and sentimental hometowns will come to light on this dazzling surface.

Personalized mountain map for couples

Cut-out state or country shapes coming together to form iconic mountain peaks showcase locations with the most significant memories from your time together - from where you first met and shared your first kiss, to favorite vacation spots and hometowns you've visited.
Perfect for wedding or anniversary gift. They'll reminisce with a smile at the story behind each pinpoint on your personalized map of a lifetime - helping cement those memories together even more strongly in their heart and mind.

The best way to treasure where are you from map together

Apart from places you have traveled around together, do you want to have something unique and stunning that captures your love journey with your greatest life partner?
By personalized states and countries that mark special places in your relationship, our unique gifts transform a simple decoration into a deeply personal symbol of your love.

Lovely map metal keychain for couples

With this lovely personalized map keychain, you may give the gift of memories that will fit precisely in the palm of their hands. The shapes of the well-known places will bring back happy memories as your partner spins this keychain in their fingers throughout the day: the street where you first met, the city where you went on your first date, the location of your first kiss.
They'll be reminded of all the adventures you've had together and the joy you've found in each other every time they attach this keychain to their keys or luggage.
map where

Map where it all began for couples

An anniversary map painting offers your loved one a chance to travel back in time simply by looking at this one-of-a-kind canvas. The lovingly crafted details and high quality canvas impart an artistic air, ensuring this one-of-a-kind piece will be treasured for years.
Displayed prominently in your home, this thoughtful gift will serve as a visual celebration of your journey together so far - and a reminder of all the wonders you still have left to explore, side by side.
map where

Stunning gift that captures big milestones on your love journey

It's always amazing to have an anniversary gift that captures your important locations at the same time from your relationship mark significant milestones and transitions - the beginning of your romance, your commitment to each other, and starting your life together.
Having a visual reminder of these can help anchor those moments in your great love journey. Just enter the addresses of the locations you want featured on the canvas. A beautiful, affordable display showing how you pay attention to the details that matter most to your spouse's heart.
where are you from map

Special canvas that captures the beginning of your love journey

Infuse your anniversary celebration with the warmth and wonder of years past, rekindling those feelings of magic, discovery and possibility that first drew you together. It brings back the newness.
Reliving your memorable moment at the place where two people first came together as a couple can bring back the freshness, excitement and novelty of those early days in the relationship. It recaptures the butterflies and magic of the very start. Order yours today and present your beloved with a gift as timeless and enduring as the love you share.
where are you from map

Can I search my map history on my phone?

By searching your map history, you can rediscover places that hold meaning and memories - from vacation spots to home addresses of friends and family. Simply open the Maps app on your device and type in a keyword, address or point of interest to pull up past searches. So next time nostalgia strikes or you just want to remember where you've been, type a search into your map app and allow the pathways of the past, hidden within your history, to guide you home again.
A where are you from map chronicling the places you and your partner have visited together is a meaningful way to celebrate the experiences that helped build your relationship. Revisiting the destinations on your places we've been map will surely bring back happy memories of time spent exploring new surroundings and making discoveries as a couple. Wishing you many more adventures in the years to come to add to your growing map, and may each new destination you mark symbolize another chapter in your love story together. Check out more creative gift inspiration and relationship tips on Magic Exhalation. You'll find helpful articles with useful advice tailored just for couples.