Do you believe it's necessary to have mother's day sympathy for those who have lost their mother? It's not going to be an easy day for them. On one of the warmest days of the year, some of your loved ones may feel lonely and miserable. Consider sending them these thoughtful quotes or modest presents to remind them that you are always there for their mother and share everything with them.
Another blessful but empathized way to share the Mother nostalgia is to send them a small gift to remind how beautiful memories of their mother are. You can consider a custom card, or a small frame of picture, or even a personalized gift like canvas or blanket which can be added her name on the gift. If it's your choice, you can take a look at the Mother's day sympathy collection here.

Top thoughtful mother's day sympathy quotes

If you find it difficult to express yourself, try using these quotations to describe your feelings to them in the most genuine way.
  • An angel is looking down on me from heaven. She's my mother.
  • Both missing someone and remembering them in Vietnamese are expressed with the same word "nhớ"
  • One day, we'll look back on how lucky we were to have received her love with full of happiness rather than sorrow.
  • Sorrow comes in waves, ebbing and flowing like the ocean. It fluctuates between being peaceful and overpowering. The only thing we need to do is adapt to it, and learn to swim.
  • The most lovely memory I have stored in my heart is my mother's, and it'll never be replaced.
  • If the ones we love are taken from us, the only way to keep them alive in our heart is to never stop loving them.
  • She is a strong, kind, and determined lady. Mom is my hero, and she's now a truly angel on heaven.
  • Great mom are comprised of love, smiles, and embraces. Even when she's no longer with us, she still let us inherit it.
  • I will always remember the days when I suffer pains and guilty, you came and gave me your sympathy, and those priceless life lessons that I will never forget.
  • I could spend all day in my own memory garden if I had a flower for each time I miss you. 
  • My mother is a never-ending melody of solace, joy, and being in my heart. Although I forget what the words are, the melody will always be remembered.
  • She has always been a mother who genuinely cares about her children, and will always be there to bless you with her compassion. 

    Top 4 Mother's day gifts for mom in heaven


      Have you ever heard of the meaning of windchime? It is a cure for those who lost their mother, that are dealing with challenges and difficulties. When combined with the clear sound the chime makes every time the wind blows, it brings back the people they love, and they will feel nothing but peace in soul. Hence, much just like mother's love, their sorrows will also be comforted.
      mother's day sympathy
      • Memorial keepsake box
      It's difficult to say goodbye to mommy, therefore this box was created to allow them to respectfully preserve the special moments they shared with mom. Let the box serve as a repository for their most treasured memories and a place where they can express their gratitude for all that has been bestowed upon them, inspiring them to take the next steps without their mum by side.
      • Glass Ornament comes complete with a ribbon
        Nothing can compare to mother's love. She will always be at your side and bless you, no matter how long she is away. Comes with an elegant and distinctive design, this heart-shaped glass ornament is the perfect present for both boys and girls of all ages to express their gratitude to their mother.
        • Leather Key Chain with metal ring
          People may carry a keychain everywhere they go as a reminder that their mother is with them through every stage of life. With a personalized design, you can engrave the name of your friend's loved one, send it to your friends on the occasion of mother's day, and convey heartfelt sympathy.
          • Glass memorial frame
            If they wish to always have their mum in their thoughts every time, you could think about this gift present for your friend. A photo frame is a must-choice when it comes to honoring a loved one, isn't it? They may put it in any place in the house that they need support from their loving mother, such as the bedside, fireplace, working desk, and other places.

            What to say to someone who lost their mother on Mother's Day?

            Regardless of our age, we all think about our mother on Mother's Day. For people whose mothers have passed away, no matter how long ago, it may be bittersweet that they don't have someone to phone or visit. Here are some suggestions to help your friend:
            • Firstly, sharing memories together about their mom. Even when someone we love has passed away, their memories help to keep us connected to them. Give them a present of understanding how much you valued her, and your friends may be overjoyed.
            • Secondly, remind them that you and everyone are still by their side. We are all connected to one another, and if your friend loses their mother, one of their connections is gone. Assure them that they're still a part of our life, and we don't want to see them suffer through this tragedy.
            • Thirdly, warm them up with your heart, maybe some little acts of kindness, such as sending a message or text to your friend on Mother's Day to let them know you're thinking of them, can help them feel less alone. If they want to share their feelings, just be there to show them sympathy.
            • Lastly, call their mother's name. Grieving people often wish that others would say the name of the deceased. It reminds them that others miss their mother and miss her too. Try saying, “I was thinking about your mum on Mother's Day this year. I miss her so much."
            It's never easy for someone to lose their mother and be far from her embrace, even if she is no longer on earth. We and others who love her will always cherish our memories of her. We should express our mother's day sympathy for people who, due to unforeseen circumstances, had to say goodbye to their mother in order for them to understand the genuine sanctity of Mother's Day, it is our noble deed to share and sympathize.