Are you looking for something to show your gratitude to your living far-away mother? How about some long distance Mother's day gift to surprise your dearest woman? Here we've put together a small list of adorable long distance gifts for mom and we promise you'll like them. And remember, all that matters is loving thoughts when it comes to your mother. Now, let's check out the following ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

Top Sentimental Long Distance Gifts for Mom To Show Love Away

Mother's Day is a day to honor the contributions of a great woman in family life (of course you recognize mom every day). Just because your mother is far away doesn't mean you can't miss even the simplest gift for her.

Nowadays, modern life allows us to send gifts from far away to our mother without wasting her time. Your simplest thing right now is to buy her the most meaningful gift right now (note to consider her preferences) and send it to your beloved mother before it becomes a last-minute present.

Long Distance Mother Daughter Gifts - Customized Blanket

A mother who is far away will feel loneliness seeping into every cell (if she is alone), and a warm blanket can warm her heart and body. This blanket is the right choice for a mother from afar who is looking forward to her children. With 100% polyester material and inspired by envelopes, the blanket will send your mother wishes and warmth full of love.

You can completely personalize this blanket with the state you and your mother live in with sentimental long distance mother's day quotes, and it will definitely make her feel close (even though you are far apart).

long distance gifts for mom


Long Distance Mother Gifts - Customized Star Map Canvas Print

A meaningful canvas symbolizes infinite love despite being thousands of miles away. Why not? Come with an impressive star map painting, surprise your mom with this gift and she would never disappoint. With the impressive design of this product, you will make her remember the first day she met you when you were just born. This is a unique way for your beloved mother to feel your love and appreciation for her.

long distance gifts for mom


Long Distance Mother Gifts - Love You More, Mom Candle

Is your mother away from home due to the nature of work? She needs to relax and your loving candles will absolutely light her up after a long day. This product is one of the best-seller in long distance Mother's day gift. I suggest you choose a scent that closely resembles the fragrance she uses so as not to make too much of a difference and also to make sure your mom won't shun this gift *smile*. What's more special, this soy wax scented candle is completely safe for their health, and burning it completely makes her relax in the naturalness of the product.

long distance mother's day gifts

Dear Mom Mug

Many people prefer simple but meaningful gifts, so this mug would be a great choice. Come with a cute message, your mother would be so happy. This would truly be one of the memos long distance gifts for mom. Of course, whenever she holds this cup every morning to sip the coffee she likes, she will definitely remember you and the affection you convey through this wonderful gift.

long distance mothers day gifts

Miss You Mom Keychain

If you are considering money, you can buy your mom a small keychain. It is always a thoughtful souvenir as your mother can take it everywhere, just like she always has you by her side. This is the most practical message that you always miss her no matter how far apart.

long distance mother’s day gifts

Long Distance Mother Gifts - Customized Canvas Home is Where Mom is

Do you want a cute and creative canvas print for your long distance mother? Don't worry, this canvas will bring us closer. The vivid, close map design, really will be a touching gift for your mother. This canvas will truly be a memorable long distance gift for mom.

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Long Distance Mother Gifts - To My Precious Mother Necklace

Women and beauty are always together, so why don't you give your mother a magnificent necklace? Comes with the message of love, definitely, this will be a sweet and sparkling gift like your mother's love for you. This necklace will erase the distance between both, making her feel you are always with mom.

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Long Distance Mother's Day Gift - Colorful Memory Box

Memories are always so precious, so why not try to put those memories back together with your mom and keep them in a lovely box? The box is small but has a powerful meaning. Try to put your pictures with your mom or your family in the box and send it to her, she would shed a tear.

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What can I do for Mothers Day long distance?

In addition to sending precious presents, you can try many other interesting things with your mother if you both can't see each other in person. Have long facetime chats, or you can watch a movie together through online screen. And at the end of the day, don't forget to say I love you, mom!

At the moment, from our long distance gifts for mom ideas, we hope that you can probably choose one thoughtful present for your mom. But no matter what or how far away, better than a long distance Mother's day gift, your love will always be the most precious thing in this world.

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