Few words on a wedding day are more meaningful and heartfelt for many brides and grooms as I choose you wedding song. The proper wedding song perfectly expresses the sentiment of two people selecting one another as life partners and creating an unbreakable tie of love with these straightforward yet profound lyrics. With those famous words in a wedding anthem, the romantic longing and dedication appear custom-made to reflect your special love story in this celebration of your union.

The best I choose you gifts for bride and groom

What better way to commemorate a wedding than by giving the happy couple gifts that represent your love, support, and wish for their enduring union. Consider original "I choose you" gifts that reflect the love story between your newlywed buddies instead of typical registry items.

This vintage wedding poem canvas captures the heart of what marriage is about - two souls choosing each other, again and again, through all of life's seasons. The simple yet powerful quote "I choose you, now and always" takes on extra meaning when personalized with your names and complemented by a photo that represents the essence of your love story. Hanging this heirloom quality artwork in your home will provide daily inspiration to stay true to the choice you made on your wedding day - to love unconditionally, faithfully and forever.
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Top romantic i choose you wedding song for big day

Of all the moments during a wedding ceremony, none quite capture the magic like that first song the newlyweds share on the dance floor as husband and wife. These songs represent the innermost box that holds the beginning of the rest of their lives together. Here are the top 10+ I Choose You wedding song to fill that box with joy.

"I choose you" songs for your wedding

  • Sarah Bareilles' song "I Choose You". Making the deliberate decision to dedicate your life to your partner is what marriage is all about, as the title of the book makes clear. Beautiful lines from the song include "I choose you/And I'll choose you/Over and over/Without hesitation."
  • Andy Grammer's "I Choose You" The lyrics to this joyful pop song, "What I Really Mean to Say," express the thrill of meeting your ideal partner: "I wanna make you my bride. I only want to spend this life by your side; I don't want to live it.
  • "I Choose You" by Sara Evans. This country wedding song features the heartwarming lyrics: "I choose you over and over without hesitation. Even though we've only just begun, the best is yet to come and with you is where I belong."
  • "I Choose You" by Sugarland. The sweet lyrics capture the timeless sentiment: "I had to choose, of the world out there, I chose you. You're my choice, my beating heart. And though we've just begun. I choose you, I choose you."

Amazing love song for your wedding

  • "Marry Me" by Train

The opening lyrics say it all for this romantically catchy pop rock tune: "Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know." An upbeat tempo paired with sweet yet simple lyrics make this an ideal opener for any wedding playlist.

  • You Are The Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne.

This soulful singer-songwriter's hit song uses the phrase "you are the best thing that's ever been mine" to illustrate how one's beloved becomes their most precious treasure simply by choosing to be together.

  • "The Prayer" by Bocelli and Dion

For a transcendent moment, the duet "The Prayer" by Bocelli and Dion lifts spirits with its celebration of two lives consecrated as one under Heaven's presence. Their ethereal voices and orchestral swells channel the act of birthing a bond witnessed by loved ones, sealed in blessing.

  • "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri

Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" renders the of act of walking down the aisle as a lifelong journey meant to endure beyond this earthly plane. With its powerful crescendo and earnest words of choosing one another "every second of every day", the song transforms "I do" into a vow meant to echo on forever.

  • "Lucky" by Jason Mraz.

Though not titled "I Choose You", the message comes through loud and clear with lyrics like "Do you know we're gonna be okay? We're gonna be okay. I feel it in my soul, that we're somehow lucky to be in each others life."

  • "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain.

The lyrics paint a beautiful picture of the couple committing to each other forever: "From this moment life has begun, from this moment you are the one."

  • "You Are" by Colbie Caillat.

This upbeat song celebrates finding the perfect match with lyrics like "You are the bearer of unconditional things. You are the hope of a small prayer. And you are the reason I'm hiding my head in my hands still trembling at your name".

What is the traditional wedding walk out song?

Johann Pachelbel's "Canon in D Major"
The Wedding March might be replaced with this lovely, gentler version of the Baroque classic. The canon's repetitive musical themes ease the newlyweds into their initial moments of marital happiness by evoking a cozy familiarity.

What is the song called when the bride and groom leave?

The wedding recessional song or wedding exit songs are for the forthcoming celebrations as the newlyweds get ready to leave the wedding ceremony and begin their adventure as husband and wife. The bride and groom leave for their new adventure together as this last musical piece bids farewell to friends and relatives who were present.

Who picks the song to walk down the aisle?

A bride must make a thoughtful choice about the wedding processional music she will use to enter the church. As you are ready to marry your fiancé, the music creates the tone and ambiance for this significant occasion.

The straightforward yet profound lines that reflect your commitment to stay together forever may cause your friends and family to cry with delight and smile as they witness your love. I hope the I choose you wedding song you select will give your special day—and your lives together—the deep significance and emotion behind those lovely lyrics that so exquisitely capture the love in your hearts as you start your married life together.