I choose you is one of the most passionate and profound phrases one can say. Send a heartfelt I choose you Valentine card to your significant other this Valentine's Day to express how much they mean to you. Choose a card where you can add your partner's name to the message to indicate that you choose them out of all the others. Let them perceive in your words the strong feelings that motivated your choice; nothing hits the soul like realizing that the person you love actually selected you.

What do you write in a Valentines Day card to make your lover laugh?

Nothing on Valentine's Day says "I love you" like a good laugh. Try some of these humorous yet heartfelt sayings and messages to brighten your partner's day this year:

Top funny happy Valentine’s day quotes and messages for him
  • My heart fluttered the first time we met. Every time I see you, that flutter turns into freefall. Happy Valentine's Day!
  • They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder - thank goodness we never have to test that out. Hope this Valentine's Day is filled with warmth and joy for the special person in my heart - you!
  • To the man who makes me laugh like no one else, who knows just how to make my heart skip a beat. You're one in a melon, and I'm one lucky felon. Happy Valentine's my silly Valentine!
  • To the guy who stole my heart and hid my chocolate - Happy Valentine's Day, you sneaky thief!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, garlic bread we got, and Netflix too.
  • You complete me like Nachos complete Cheese.
Top funny happy Valentine’s day quotes and messages for her
  • My dearest Valentine, words cannot express how much I adore you. So instead, here’s some emoji flowers ❤️💐❤️. Love you bunches!
  • I fall for you a little more every day...right onto the couch because you tired me out!
  • Forget red roses darling, all I can offer is a red face and cheesy pickup lines. But I still love you anyway.
  • You're the reason I believe in soulmates. Now pass the tequila so we can drink our feelings.

The best I choose you valentine card

Nothing quite says "I love you" like a Valentine's Day card bearing the simple yet profoundly powerful phrase: "I choose you". Here are some of the sweetest, most romantic I choose you valentine cards for that special someone in your life:

Pokemon I choose you valentine card for couple

On Valentine's Day, send this cute personalized Pokemon card to the Pokemon lover in your life to express your love. The catchphrase "I choose you" said by Ash Ketchum to his Pikachu served as inspiration. For trainers and their Pokemon allies, the venerable catchphrase has a special significance because it denotes a strong link of reliance, friendship, and trust. Give your special someone this personalized Pokemon Valentine's card. Like the eternal dedication between a trainer and Pokemon partner, the words "I choose you" speak volumes about your relationship and how much you care for one another.
i choose you valentine

Lovely I choo choo choose you card for Valentine's Day

This adorable Valentine's Day card will put a smile on their face. This handcrafted card reads "I choo choo choose you" - a creative spin on the conventional phrase "I choose you" - and features a charming train image. The endearing train image perfectly depicts the whimsical, lighthearted spirit of Valentine's Day, and the funny, kid-friendly delivery of the statement "I choo choo choose you" is guaranteed to make your special someone smile. This Valentine's Day card makes you grin with its meaningful message of choosing your loved one despite everything and humor, originality, and design.
i choose you valentine

Cute Valentine's Day card for couple

This beautiful Valentine's card honors your relationship, one that endures despite all the ups and downs life throws your way. It includes the inspirational message "This Valentine's Day & every Valentine's I choose you." You maintain your relationship vibrant and new by making a new choice for each other every year. The promise contained in this Valentine's Day card is that you two will continue to put each other first for as long as cupid's arrow finds its target.
i choose you valentine

I choose you poem card for valentine

Give your loved one a Valentine's gift that comes straight from the heart. This unique card features a touching quote expressing your deep devotion and unconditional choice to be together. The quote promises lifelong commitment and love without reservation. It speaks of choosing each other, again and again, in quick and certain succession - "over and over...in a heartbeat." So give this card to the one you love beyond reason and rhyme. Let them know you choose them - heart, mind and soul. That even in your dreams, there is no other choice you'd rather make.
i choose you valentine

I choose you lovely cat card

This beautiful I choose you Valentine card would make the ideal Valentine's Day present for a cat lover. This card conveys a warm message of love with an adorable artwork of a fluffy cat holding a bunch of flowers. The endearing picture of the cute cat clutching flowers arouses sentiments of coziness and warmth, portraying the unfailing love and devotion that our feline companions in fur bring into our lives. Give this card to the cat lover in your life to let them know they were picked. This Valentine's Day, and every day thereafter.
i choose you valentine

I will always choose you Pokeball card

Give this card with a Pokeball and the heartfelt phrase "I will always choose you" to your favorite Pokémon enthusiast as the ideal Valentine's Day present. The recognizable Pokeball represents the close relationship between a trainer and their Pokémon partner—a relationship that begins with a decision and endures forever. This card expresses your choice of your loved one today and for all the adventures yet to come, much like a Pokémon selects its trainer. Despite not having a single Pokeball in common, you are bound together by an unbreakable force of love that, like the bonds between the world's greatest Pokémon pairs, started with a decision and will endure for all eternity.
i choose you valentine

I'd choose you mental card

The quote promises to choose your beloved "in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality." It expresses a limitless commitment that transcends time, space and even parallel universes - spanning thousands of years, countless places and any existence imaginable. No matter the circumstances,you vow to find each other and choose each other again. So give this metal card to the one who holds your heart in every universe. Let them know that though centuries may pass and worlds reshape, your soul remembers what truly matters - that its other half is theirs, now and always.
i choose you valentine

What flower is most gifted on Valentine's day?

The rose has long dominated the time-honored custom of giving flowers to a special someone on Valentine's Day. Roses are the traditional Valentine's Day flower because of its breathtaking beauty, ageless symbolism, and vast range of entrancing hues.

How do you end a Valentines card?

Select a suitable closing phrase, such as "All my love," "Affectionately," "Hugs & Kisses," or simply "Cheers!" Also, don't forget to sign your salutation with your name. Greetings for Valentine's Day are never complete without a considerate conclusion.

A lovely way to share your heartfelt sentiments for your special someone this holiday is with a I choose you Valentine card. Choose a card for Valentine's Day that accurately expresses your feelings and goals. Let those three straightforward words pop off the paper, telling your spouse that you picked them out of all the others to be by your side now and always.