Looking for the ideal I choose you poster to convey your love and devotion to your significant other? We believe that I choose you artwork or art might be the perfect way to commemorate the important day. On anniversaries and other significant milestones in a relationship, saying "I love you" in the poignant and enduring poetry "I Choose You" has come to symbolize choosing to stick together despite all that life may throw at you.

Three rules of hanging an anniversary poster

Celebrating anniversaries with your loved one is a special tradition. Hanging an anniversary poster can add some visual flair and sentiment to the celebration. Follow these three rules to properly display your anniversary poster.

  • Rule 1: Choose the Right Placement

Think about where you and your partner spend the most time together. The most meaningful placement for an anniversary poster is in a shared living space where you can both enjoy seeing it often. The kitchen, living room or home office are good choices. Avoid bedrooms, which can seem too private. Hanging it at eye-level where you both sit down together makes good visual sense.

  • Rule 2: Select the Right Size

The size you choose affects both aesthetic balance and how noticeable the poster is. Too small and it won't stand out, too large and it may overwhelm the space. Aim for a size that's proportional to the wall and furniture dimensions. As a guide, between 8x10 inches up to 16x20 inches tends to work well for average living spaces. Larger pieces work better in open concept areas.

  • Rule 3: Use Proper Hanging Materials

Make sure to attach your poster securely so it stays in place throughout the year. Avoid using tape, which can damage the poster and becomes harder to remove over time. Your best options are small picture brackets, mounting putty or thumbtacks for lightweight posters. Test the hanger on a small corner first to make sure it leaves no damage marks.

Top 5+ I choose you canvas to show love for your spouse

Inspirational quotes and poems can make beautiful wall decor when displayed on canvas print. Here are our top 5+ anniversary gifts suggestions for an "i choose you" canvas that beautifully expresses feelings of choice, commitment and love.

Vintage I choose you poster for anniversary

This unique canvas honors the delight and dedication of choosing each other—today, tomorrow, and forever. with the enduring phrase "I chose you to do life with hand in hand side by side. I choose you to love wiht my whole being unconditionally.." . This personalized wall hanging provides a priceless anniversary gift that your spouse will appreciate for years to come. This I choose you poster has a vintage style and includes your names, the date of your anniversary, and a photo that depicts your love story.
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Beautiful line art I choose you canvas for lovers

With this personalized anniversary canvas, you may commemorate your love story in classic fashion. The timeless poem "I choose you" is featured alongside a straightforward yet beautiful line drawing of you and your significant other sharing an enveloping kiss. This design depicts the timeless essence of your love and devotion in a classic vintage look. This personalized wall decor is made with archival-quality inks on tough art-grade canvas to produce a piece of art that will only become better with time. As a daily sign of the happiness and devotion in choosing one other—not just on your wedding day, but every day since—display this priceless anniversary gift in your home.
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Romantic I choose you canvas for couples

This personalized anniversary frame gift celebrates the special connection between you and your loved one. Featuring both of your names written inside a heart shape alongside a meaningful photograph, this vintage-inspired canvas poem reminds you of the moment you chose each other. The quote "I choose you" represents the commitment partners make to each other
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Cool skull tatoo I choose you canvas for anniversary

This gritty anniversary canvas honors the connection you two share. This poem framed gift honors your relationship that endures the test of time with a skull tattoo design and both of your names. The timeless aspect of your relationship is symbolized by the vintage skull artwork; during good times and bad, your names are indelibly etched on the tattoo, signifying your unwavering dedication. "I choose you" is a poem that refers to the choice you two made to be together. I choose you artwork serves as a reminder to you on your anniversary of how you decided to live your life together rather than apart from one other.
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Penguin I choose you canvas for couples

Penguin mates stay together for life, renewing their vows season after season - just like your relationship. This charming wooden anniversary gift celebrates the loving bond between you and your partner. Featuring an endearing penguin couple artwork paired with both of your names, this canvas poem reminds you of why you chose each other. The words "I choose you" keep the heartfelt commitment you share. On your anniversary, it recalls how you selected one another above all others, opting to waddle through life side by side. After years, you still want to tell your partner "I'd choose you and I'll keep choosing you" for hundred times.
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Meaningful I choose you poster for your loved one

There are no words quite like those found in poetry when it comes to expressing your feelings for your sweetheart on your anniversary. An anniversary gift that is both extremely memorable and significant is a creative love poem that has been printed and framed. Here are my top ten suggestions for the ideal poster for the poem "I Choose You":

I choose you framed poster your lover will treasure

This rustic anniversary present honors the connection you two share. The deep and sincere nature of your connection is expressed by the warm wood substance combined with both of your names printed in the poem. "I choose you" refers to the enduring love you two possess. It remembers how you chose to go through life together on your anniversary. As you continue to pick each other over and over again, the feeling stands for the depth and tenacity of your love and loyalty throughout the years.
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I choose you artwork for your life partner

Displayed on premium matte paper with a minimalist black and white design, this poster features the meaningful quote in subtle cursive font alongside two intersecting lines representing your united paths. It makes for a thoughtful anniversary gift that allows you to reflect on the promise you made to always choose each other, no matter what life may bring. On each anniversary, this simple signs poster serves as a reminder of your eternal vow - a choice you continue to make each morning you wake up beside each other.
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Lovely i choose you gifts for him he'll love

Make his anniversary extra special with this personalized "I choose you" poem keychain gift for him. Customizable with his first name and a photo of just you two, this simple yet meaningful keychain offers a touching reminder of your bond and commitment. A photo of you and your beloved nestled in the poem engraving brings the words to life, representing the choice you make each day to walk through life together.
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Who wrote the poem “I choose you"?

The poem "I choose you to do with hand in hand side by side. I choose you to love with my whole being unconditionally. I choose you at the beginning and end of everyday. And I’d choose you in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you” is written by Leola Village.

I Choose You Poster offers sensitive and unique anniversary presents that honor your decision to stay together over the years and your dedication to one another. As you celebrate your special anniversary, the spirit of deciding to stick with one other through life's ups and downs will be quite meaningful. A I choose you artwork is a thoughtful gift that acts as a charming reminder that you chose each other today, tomorrow, and for all the years to come.