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Ways to honor achievements in your marriage

Marriages are filled with milestones both big and small. Anniversaries get all the glory, but the little successes you achieve together each day are what build strong foundations. Celebrating these accomplishments reminds you of how far you've come - and renews your commitment as you journey onward together. Here are some creative ways to mark achievements in your marriage:
  • Make a Memory Box. Reserve a special box or jar where you collect mementos from memorable milestones: hotel keycards from anniversaries, ticket stubs and programs, photos. Revisiting these items allows you to relive sweet moments in your relationship history.
  • Start New Traditions. Create rituals around certain achievements. For paying off a debt, burn the final payment check together. When one of you gets a raise, have a "prosperity dinner" at your favorite restaurant. Small rituals strengthen bonds by turning successes into shared experiences.
  • Give Gifts. Though not necessary, presents can be a joyful way to commemorate relationship goals. Give each other thoughtful gifts when you buy your first home, get promoted at work, or reach any personal milestone.
  • Write Love Letters. Putting your feelings into words is cathartic. Write each your heartfelt letters to celebrate successes, sharing how proud you are of each other and your relationship. Re-read them whenever you need inspiration.
  • Throw a Party. Host friends and family to celebrate major milestones like buying a house. Sharing your joy with loved ones and receiving their well wishes can give you a renewed sense of gratitude for all you've accomplished together.

    The best collection of you and me we got this canvas

    A poignant reminder of the power of your connection and the tenacity of your forever is provided by the words "You & Me, We Got This" engraved over the silhouettes of the couples. Looking for an extra special you and me we got this canvas print for your significant other that shows them just how much you care. Here are the top 10 you and me we got this canvas for your partner:

    Romantic puzzle piece of love canvas for couples

    Create a one-of-a-kind anniversary gift your spouse will treasure for years with this customized canvas puzzle heart. Featuring photos from important moments throughout your relationship shaped like puzzle pieces and arranged to form a heart, this unique decor piece captures the joy you've shared together on your journey so far.
    Gift this memorable anniversary canvas to the love of your life and watch their eyes light up as they re-live special memories depicted in each photo piece.

    Special pride holding hands canvas for couples

    Show your unconditional love and support for your partner with this vibrant Pride Anniversary Canvas. Featuring an original artwork of two hands - one wearing rainbow bracelets - holding each other gently yet firmly, this unique wall art celebrates the bond you share as a LGBTQ+ couple.
    Cap off the design with an inspirational quote of your choosing that captures the spirit and strength of your love. Something that reminds you both that together, against all odds, you've got this - your relationship, your pride, your joy in simply being who you are together.

    Lovely Carl and Ellie print for the anniversary

    Celebrate your love that soars ever higher with this meaningful anniversary gift inspired by Up. Featuring original watercolor artwork of Carl and Ellie from Pixar's beloved film holding hands. Top it off with an inspirational quote of your choosing that reminds you love doesn't have to be complicated - sometimes all it takes is sharing the simple joy of each other's company, now and always.
    Present this touching anniversary gift to the love of your life and watch their eyes well up with happy tears as they're reminded love doesn't have to be epic to be real, it just has to be yours.

    Unique you & me canvas for anniversary

    This touching anniversary canvas gift celebrates a love that stands the test of time with an artistic silhouette of an aging couple holding hands. Hanging proudly in your home, this heartwarming artwork will invite reflections on all you've been through and all you've yet to experience beside the one you love. Imagining yourself here - hand in hand with your beloved decades into the future - fills the heart with hope and nourishes the soul.

    Personalized you & me photo canvas for couples

    This beautiful anniversary canvas gift celebrates your lifelong love in a truly creative way - by shaping a precious photo of you and your beloved into a heart nestled amongst a floral forest dreamscape.
    This romantic wall art serves as a creative commemoration of the shared commitment, understanding and companionship that keeps your love strong - represented by a heart shaped from your very souls. Order yours today and celebrate the ever-blooming joy of your togetherness.

    Personalized clipart boat sea canvas for couples

    Set sail into your next year of matrimonial bliss with this charming anniversary gift featuring a serene watercolor scene of a couple enjoying each other's company on a boat at sea. When gifted, watch joy light up your partner's face as they envision setting sail into the unknown with you by their side, trusting that together, you've got this.
    Order yours today and celebrate your milestones not by how far you've gone, but how far you've gone together.

    Minimalistic you & me we got this canvas

    With this basic anniversary canvas print with a meaningful quote of your choice, you may honor your straightforward yet profound connection. The simple, minimalist style is a representation of the core of your relationship, which is each other. The blank space around the words makes it possible for their full effect to be seen, creating the ideal setting to display a quotation that embodies the spirit of your relationship.
    Give your lover the straightforward yet soulful canvas, and watch as delight spreads across their face as they are reminded of the simplicity and depth of your relationship in its most straightforward yet lovely manifestation.

    The best you and me we got this sign to mark your big day

    This simple yet meaningful anniversary metal sign celebrates the strength of your forever bond through one inspiring phrase - "You & Me We Got This". Whether displayed prominently on a mantle, gifted lovingly on an anniversary or hung proudly in your garden, this rustic commemorative slice serves as a creative articulation of the faith you have in each other - and in your "forever".

    Amazing you and me artwork to mark your big day

    Show the depth of your feelings. There is no more powerful way to express your love than through custom you & me artwork that depicts your relationship.

    Cute watercolor clipart canvas for couples

    This simple yet stylish anniversary metal canvas gift celebrates the lifelong bond between you and your beloved partner through one inspiring quote - "You & Me We Got This". Rendered in a watercolor pastoral scene depicting a joyful couple walking hand-in-hand, the phrase etched elegantly into the metal plate serves as a heartwarming reminder of the shared belief and faith you have in each other - and your "forever".

    Stunning watercolor you & me artwork

    Make this anniversary truly special with this beautiful minimalistic canvas wall art. The simple yet touching watercolor-style image of a couple holding each other close in an embrace captures the essence of love and commitment in a subtle yet profound way. The minimal design allows the meaningful quote “You & Me” to really stand out, providing inspiration and reassurance to your spouse that your love will last through every challenge.

    What kinds of accomplishments should we celebrate in our marriage?

    Marriages stay young, vibrant, and expanding by celebrating milestones. But whose victories are actually worthy of being acknowledged as a couple? Here are a few that, in my opinion, merit praise: Shared Goals Reached, Personal Growth, Acts of Service, Acts of Kindness, Growth Through Challenge, Love is the Greatest Accomplishment

    What are the C's of a successful marriage?

    Communication, Compromise and Commitment are the cornerstones of a successful marriage.

    What are the 5 A's of marriage?

    Attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection and allowing are the 5 key A's for a successful marriage.

    What are the 7 principles of a successful marriage summary?

    These principles include: enhancing their "love maps"; nurturing their fondness and admiration; turning toward each other instead of away; letting their spouse influence them; solving their solvable problems; overcoming gridlock; and creating a shared sense of meaning.
    A custom you and me we got this canvas print created with your photos, text and color choices will be a stunning and thoughtful gift they will treasure for years to come. Order one today at Magic Exhalation and let us turn your favorite memories into eye-catching, high quality art meant just for them. Together, you and me, we've got this you and me we got this canvas.