If you are a mother, and a wife also, send them some husband and son quotes from wife to thank them for coming into your life. Because the relationships between every member of a family are the most important things to keep a happy home. Especially, being a husband dad and a good son is never an easy job to every man. 

Heart-warming husband and son quotes from wife

A father plays a significant role in the lives of his wife and children. He is the guardian with the mission to protect the family at all costs. For a son, he is one who looks out for both his family and himself. He gives his parents the impression that he is responsible and can manage the house without them. Now, scroll down our compilation of husband and son quotes from wife, pick one and send it to your dearest men. Let's start, shall we?

Husband dad quotes from wife to celebrate Father's day

  1. Happy Father's day to the world's greatest dad, husband, angel, and protector.
  2. You are the love of my life, but the most important thing is having you as the father of my children.
  3. You light up my whole life and put a smile on our kids. You're the best thing that ever happened to our life. Happy Father's day, babe!
  4. Seeing you slowly become the father always believes you would be one the most joyful things of my life.
  5. I love everything about you, the way you teach our daughter and son. We made the greatest couple, and thanks to you for that. Have the best father's day!
  6. It's never easy for me to handle this parenting thing, and thanks to you, we can do it together. Happy fathers day!
  7. I can see your love reflects clearly in the eyes of our children. They are shining with happiness whenever you walk in. I am so blessed to have you, my hardworking and full-of-love husband. Happy Father's day.
  8. God has given us this wonderful family, a happy home, and love for each other. Most importantly, it has given us each other. It is so blessed to have you by my side, babe!
  9. Love, compassion, and strength, are what I love about you. You always show up whenever we need a hand, and I love you for being the best of you.
  10. Just a day can never be enough for me to honor how special of a husband you truly are. You are so sweet and wonderful every moment. I love you so much!
  11. You were holding my little hand the first day we met, the day God sent us our little angels, and now you're still holding my hand every day in my life. What a blessing to have you, my dearest husband!
  12. You are everything I've imagined about home along with our children. You're my husband, my best friend, my guardian angel. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.
  13. As long as you're still here with me, there's always a bright day in my life. I love you bae, more than ever!
  14. We built our love from day 1, and now it has turned into a whole kingdom in our hearts. You're the one that protects the kingdom now bae. Happy father's day, my kids' father.
  15. I watched you playing with the kids every day, and all I can see is love and love. Love that you put on our children, and on me. You make me the happiest wife in the world, honey!

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Son quotes from mother

  1. I love my little boy very, very much. There's nothing that can't stop me from doing that.
  2. I am so glad I have my very naughty little boy. He is my pride today.
  3. I have sons, and they always treat me the best that they could every day. I thank them for coming to me and my husband.
  4. The first thing I thought when I first looked at my son was an angel from the sky is here with us.
  5. People say that having a son is one of the most wonderful things in life. It's true! I will always need him, no matter what age I am.
  6. He cheered me up, he played jokes, he kissed me on the cheek, and said: "I love you, mom!". That's everything I need in my life.
  7. Many people never know what it is like to have a son as a companion. I do and I thank God for that.
  8. My son told me a lot of things about his life. And he never ends the conversation without "Love you, momma". That's so pure!
  9. The most important thing in my life is my family, my husband, and my son.
  10. You know you're doing a good mom's job when your son hugs you everyday and says you're the best.

Images to send to son and husband on father's day

To make their day even brighter, express your love for your husband dad, and your son with some wonderful pictures that captured every bit of your loving thought about them.

husband dad, husband and son quotes from wife

husband dad, husband and son quotes from wife

husband dad, husband and son quotes from wife

husband dad, husband and son quotes from wife

husband dad, husband and son quotes from wife

husband dad, husband and son quotes from wife


- How important is it to be a husband dad?

Being a husband is a hard job, but being a father is even harder. It takes a man’s heart and soul to balance everything in a family to keep it under control.
A husband, he’s the only person in the world that can show all the love to his dearest wife in the way she genuinely desires. He is also one of the two that maintain a marriage, which is crucial for keeping a warm and loving family. More significantly, he is the one who protects his wife and takes care of everything so that everyone in the family can live their lives to the fullest.

And to be a good father, he always stays with his children and kisses them on the forehead every bedtime. Fatherhood always comes with great responsibility. It is not just about bringing his children into this beautiful world, but also teaching them how to feel things around them, learn to love, and become an individual that brings value to life. Being a father is giving more than receiving, always standing by and accompanying his children whenever they succeed or face difficulties and challenges.

In order to fulfill both duties well, a father and a husband have to sacrifice a lot. Treat him with a day full of joy and happiness, so that he can feel the preciousness of being a husband dad. There are many ways to cheer him up, but the simplest but most meaningful always comes from loving words. Send him the warmest wishes and thanks for keeping warm the happy fire of family.

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To be a wife, there's no word in this world that can describe the joy of being a mom and a wife. A family with a father, mother and their offspring will always full of happiness when each family member knows how to love and care for each other. To make them feel your love, try giving them some of the best husband and son quotes from wife. By that, your son and husband dad will have more faith in your warm and loving home that you have always built.