5 year down, forever to go... Divine love is the crystallization of a 5 year long relationship and DIY wood anniversary gifts in accordance with the traditional theme for the fifth anniversary are worth it. The list below includes the most unique but equally romantic gifts, enough for your partner to feel your deep love from you.

10 Best DIY Wood Anniversary Gifts

There's something beautifully sentimental about gifting wood for a fifth wedding anniversary. Whether you craft something by hand or buy a unique piece to personalize, these DIY wood anniversary gifts are sure to show your spouse how deep your love and commitment grow over time.

Five years of marriage is a major milestone worthy of celebration. Whether you're sticking to tradition with the fifth anniversary theme of wood or want to put your own modern spin on the occasion, these DIY gift ideas and heartfelt messages are sure to make your spouse feel loved and cherished. From sentimental wooden gifts you craft yourselves to sappy-sweet notes you write from the heart, here are 10 unique ways to honor your fifth wedding anniversary.

Wooden Photo Frame

Preserve your favorite memories in a rustic wooden frame you stain or paint yourselves. Select a favorite photo from each year of marriage and display side by side for a timeline of your love.
diy wood anniversary gifts

Wood Burned Plaque

If you're artistically inclined, try wood burning to create decorative plaques. Practice drawing meaningful shapes or symbols and burning romantic words or lyrics into wood slices or planks. Hang as wall art or use as trivets.
diy wood anniversary gifts

Whiskey Barrel Planter

For the gardening duo, procure a miniature oak whiskey barrel and drill drainage holes to repurpose as an herb planter. This rustic-chic planter is a clever nod to the traditional gift and useful for growing kitchen herbs.
diy wood anniversary gifts

Personalized Cutting Board

Engrave a custom cutting board with your names and wedding date for a practical gift that's sentimental too. Choose a thick, sturdy wood board for frequent use in the kitchen.
diy wood anniversary gifts

Anniversary Wooden Watch

For a stylish and symbolic gift, consider a wooden watch. Several brands like Original Grain and MVMT offer watches with wooden components like cases or straps made of maple or ebony wood.
diy wood anniversary gifts

5th Anniversary Wood Heart Ornaments

Nothing says "I love you" quite like a heart. Laser cut geometric wood hearts make cheerful ornaments for your home or tree. Stain or paint the ornaments to match your decor.
diy wood anniversary gifts

Anniversary Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden Sunglasses. For the fashion-forward partner, choose wooden-framed sunglasses. Brands like Shwood and Akubra craft sunglasses with frames made of sustainable materials like bamboo, zebrawood and East Indian rosewood.
diy wood anniversary gifts

Anniversary Wooden Bow Tie

Wooden Bow Tie. For the man with bow tie style, opt for a wooden bow tie to complete his dapper look. Several Etsy shops offer high-quality wood bow ties in a range of wood types and styles from classic to whimsical.
diy wood anniversary gifts

5th Anniversary Wooden Beer Flight.

The beer connoisseur will appreciate a wooden beer flight for sampling brews. Many craft breweries and sellers on Etsy offer wooden beer flight boards, paddles or platforms typically made of bamboo, teak or walnut wood.
diy wood anniversary gifts

Anniversary wooden iPhone Case.

Keep your partner's prized technology safe in a unique wooden phone case. Brands like Kerf, Grove and Truffol offer customizable wooden iPhone cases milled from maple, walnut and other wood types.
diy wood anniversary gifts

25+ Thoughtful and Sweet Messages to Send Your Spouse on Your 5th Anniversary

  1. Five years have slipped by in the blink of an eye. I feel as though our story has only just begun. Here’s to fifty more! Each day with you fills me with deeper affection. Allow’s craft countless cherished recollections together.
  2. You are my closest companion, my stronghold, the one soul I know I can depend on. You are the cause of my smile, my laughter, and my faith in adoring relationships.
  3. Five years later, our bond is even more magnificent. Like a superb wine, it has matured and mellowed. I treasure every moment we share.
  4. You are the warmth that floods my heart, the light that guides my way, the joy that elicits a grin, and the devotion that makes me whole. With every fiber of my being, I adore you.
  5. My fondness for you grows more profound with each passing day. Our connection is indissoluble, our love pure bliss. Commencing a life together was the most excellent choice I have ever made.
  6. The finest thing I have ever done was wed you. Let us look forward to more cherished recollections, inside jokes, nocturnal conversations, and “I love you’s.” Being together is ideal.
  7. You are my fantasy, my all, and everything. In your company, the outside world vanishes. I have never believed I could be happier than I am because of you. I adore you utterly, profoundly, and perpetually.
  8. You have my enduring, perpetual, and constantly evolving love. You are my closest companion, my stronghold, and the one soul I know I can depend on through joy and sorrow, delight and distress. I adore you a thousand times over.
  9. Five years of friendship, adventure, and adoration. Here’s to fifty more!
  10. Through laughter and tears, triumphs and struggles, your hand in mine has rendered this voyage beautiful. I cherish each moment with you.
  11. It becomes more splendid from here. We have a bright future ahead because of you. I delight in traversing this path with you.
  12. With each day that passes, you occupy a more precious place in my heart. You inspire me to become a little nobler each day and elicit the finest in me. I am happier and more deeply in love with you than ever before.
  13. We have jointly crafted lifetime recollections together. May we hope for many more to come. You are my closest friend and the only one with whom I wish to share all things.
  14. Our hearts are nearer than the circumference of a penny apart. My thoughts turn to you in a warm and caring way, my beloved. As closely as two souls can be, we are.
  15. Our bond transcends time and distance. No matter how many miles keep us apart, you are always in my heart, as I am in yours. We are two hearts beating as one.
  16. Being with you is a dream fulfilled every day. You have my undying love. I appreciate you loving me and for being you. You are all I have ever longed for and so much more.
  17. Such a flawless love as ours is uncommon. You have and shall always possess my heart. My love for you shall guide us through joy and strife, pleasure and struggle, laughter and sorrow. We shall always discover a way to return to one another.
  18. We pledged our hearts to one another five years ago. Let us raise our glasses to an endless future!
  19. Each second in your company is a treasure. I appreciate all the lovely things you have given me over the years. I hold them dear.
  20. A perfect love such as ours only comes once in an eternity. I feel fortunate to journey this road with my soul mate, my best friend, the love of my life.
  21. Life prior to now seems colorless. You brought sunlight, warmth, and beauty into my day, my world, my heart. I love you with every color of the rainbow.
  22. My fondness for you endures forever and only deepens. You give me energy, bring a smile to my face, and provide a lightness of step. I cherish each wonderful moment we share.
  23. You are the gift that never ceases giving, the blessing that never ends blessing, and the love that never ceases growing deeper each and every day. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I adore you profoundly!
  24. We share all things, so every embrace, kiss, and whispered “I love you” feels sweet. Our bond is sacred. Our love eternal.
  25. A perfect life, a perfect love, and the fulfillment of a perfect dream. Our voyage has been and shall always be nothing less than magnificent. Let us create more splendid memories together, my darling!
  26. Building recollections together is my most cherished delight. Crafting a life with you is my greatest adventure. Loving you unconditionally comes to me as naturally as breathing. You are my heart, my soul, my all. I treasure each moment by your side.
  27. My love for you is deep as the ocean and vast as the horizon. Endless and timeless, come what may. You are my sun, my stars, my sky.

And many more entreating words to express profound love and gratitude for five lovely years together. I hope these musings help you convey the depths of your sentiments for your beloved. Wishing you many more joyful years and adventures together!


1. What are good homemade anniversary gifts?

There are many gifts for your anniversary, such as photo album of memories; coupon book of hugs and kisses. Scrapbook of tickets and notes. Love letters; framed map of meaningful places. Favorite meal; baking their delight. Donation in their honor. Personal stationery; monogrammed notes. Spa set; massage with scents. Puzzle with inside jokes. Engraved jewelry; garden of growth. Time capsule of letters and moments.

2. What is the traditional gift for a 5-year anniversary?

The traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift is wood. Wood represents stability and longevity. An elegant wooden keepsake, photo album, cutting board or jewelry box holds cherished memories of 5 years together.

3. Is there a color for the 5 year anniversary?

The traditional 5th anniversary color is turquoise. Turquoise represents calm, peace and longevity like the ocean. Like the sea, your love is deep and vast, weathering life's storms. Turquoise gifts cradle cherished moments and memories, steadfast as the tides.

4. Is a 5-year wedding anniversary a big deal?

A 5-year wedding anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating. After 5 years of partnership, intimacy has blossomed, support grown unyielding, sacrifice and compromise have forged an unbreakable bond. Though 5 years seem fleeting, they represent a lifetime of loving firsts, shared laughter, hopes and dreams realized—foundations of a lifetime commitment standing strong. Five years married prove love triumphs over all. Laughter still rings out, passion still flares, but friendship and familiar comfort now surpass all else.

5. What is 5 years of marriage called?

Five years of marriage is the Wooden Anniversary. Wood represents endurance, strength and longevity—the solid foundation upon which a successful partnership endures and thrives. Wooden keepsakes remind you of lessons learned, hard times weathered, comfort built, and deeper love still to be discovered in years together yet.

6. What gemstone is for the 5 year anniversary?

The 5th wedding anniversary gem is turquoise. Turquoise symbolizes peace, calm and fidelity vast as the ocean. Its deep, rich hue recalls tender moments; its luminosity, hopes and joy shared. Turquoise brings comfort amid life's storms like the sea, cementing love steadfast as the tides.

7. What color flowers for anniversary?

Red roses symbolize eternal love and passion—the perfect flower for wedding anniversaries and weddings alike. Their fiery hue conveys deep devotion, lust and desire that transcends time. Red roses crown cherished moments and memories with vibrant reminders of love so tender, powerful and true that blossoms evermore vibrant, year after year.

DIY wood anniversary gifts nurture memories and deepen devotion with each passing year. These wood gifts become part of love's mythos, unfolding tales of joy and struggle weathered side by side. Fashioned by loving hands, DIY wood anniversary gift proves love's power to make grand even smallness.