You might still struggle to help your kids figure out which best anniversary gifts for grandparents DIY to amaze them while their wedding anniversary is coming. But whatever the children get for their grandpa, the elders will always feel love from their kids, so you don't have to spend much on helping kids buy expensive presents for their grandparents. You can easily choose the perfect DIY anniversary gifts for grandparents from our list, then your kids just need to add some delicate touch of their thoughts, their feelings or their creative ideas, which will make for an awesome handcraft for their grandparents.

10+ Best DIY anniversary gifts for grandparents

Nothing beats handmade gifts from grandkids on special days. Here are some great DIY anniversary gifts for grandparents that your kids can easily make. Let's check it out and choose the best one for kids' grandparents.

Flower handprint art print

This is such a fun craft project that kids of all ages, even if your kids are just a little toddler still can join in to make wonderful gifts that their grandpa will love. Your little grandson and granddaughter just need to carefully add their handprints with all of their love to the print with a meaningful quote to say thanks to their old best friends, their great grandpa.

Grandpa will definitely feel special when receiving these diy gifts from their small kids as it reminds them of their grandsons' small lovely hands that they always treasure.
diy anniversary gifts for grandparents

Custom doormat for grandparents

Still dealing with choosing the best gifts for your children's grandpa? You've come to the right place. A doormat is an essential thing that everyone uses on a daily basis. Let your kids make the doormat at their grandpa's house door more adorable with the custom of their names.

Clients were impressed with the design. "I absolutely love my personalized welcome mat! The quality is excellent and it came within a week from ordering. I’d recommend this shop to anyone and everyone!" she notes. With all the amazing feedback from our clients, we confidently believe that your kids' grandpa will love it.
diy anniversary gifts for grandparents

Personalized Grandma gift from Grandkids

Warm up grandparents' house with a canvas featuring the most wonderful moment of your grandparents. The familiar moments of the two together will be captured into a beautiful frame which can be saved forever.

The precious time spent together of them will always be treasured and make their grandpa feel warmed each time they're watching the canvas, as the meaningful quotes will help them tell their love story about how great their love is.
diy anniversary gifts for grandparents


Personalized Cutting Board for Grandma

It's always important to cherish your children's grandma and let them know that you appreciate their effort to help you be in charge of childcare, cooking, domestic chores while you're coping with a hectic schedule out there? Wedding anniversary is special occasions to make them feel loved.

Buying your kids' grandma a cutting board which is beautiful craftmanship with the custom of their names she will use everyday. What a nice reminder of your kids' love for her.
diy anniversary gifts for grandparents

Personalized anniversary canvas from grandchildren

Still haven't figured out what your children should get for their grandparents on their wedding anniversary? it ain't that challenging at all. A minimalistic canvas with the custom of names and established year will be a stunning anniversary gift from grandchildren.

The established year is designed with different unique styles, which highlights the date of wedding anniversary. Grandparents would definitely love it as having more wonderful decorative items for their cozy house.
diy anniversary gifts for grandparents

Top anniversary gifts for grandparents DIY

Here are the best anniversary gifts for grandparents DIY to honor your grandparents' precious timeless love.

Family tree sign custom for grandparents

Send to your parents this tree with grandchildren names tokens to give them a remembrance of love and connection with their lovely children. Let your kids hang their names tokens themselves to make the gifts have more soul that their grandpa will feel the love from them. Hanging this tree in your parents' house will make their house environment more fulfilled.
diy anniversary gifts for grandparents

Grandparent memory book

Fill this album with some fantastic memories for Grandpa, who's turning 80, make it a great reminder of you with your beautiful childhood photos that they'll treasure.

A personalized keepsake book will be a perfect gift for your grandparents to preserve the memories you make together or together recall all wonderful moments that your family has had with them on their anniversary.
anniversary gifts for grandparents diy

Personalized anniversary gifts for grandparents

As your grandparents always invest time and resources for taking care of their grandkids, feeding them and teaching them everything, it would be great if they received this 50th wedding anniversary present from their grandkids on Grandparents' wedding anniversary. Show them how you care and have a family reunion on their special day to make their 50th wedding anniversary the most valuable moment.

anniversary gifts for grandparents diy


Wedding anniversary plaque for grandparents

60th wedding anniversary is a special time in any couple's lifetime. The crystal material symbolizes the purity and longevity of the relationship, while the engraved message or image conveys cherished memories or sentiments.

A crystal plaque is a meaningful and thoughtful way to honor grandparents and the long-lasting love they share. A crystal anniversary plaque which can nicely complement a living room or bedroom is a beautiful reminder of your grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary celebration.
anniversary gifts for grandparents diy

Personalized Wedding Anniversary Family Tree Framed Print

Giving grandparents a family tree is a lovely way to honor their love history and heritage over 50 years. Your family members will be eager to spend quality time together with your grandparents and light this family tree to mark this special occasion, which can not be more memorable and cozy.
anniversary gifts for grandparents diy

Ways to love your grandparents and make them feel special

  • Take them out to eat or make dinners for them
  • Buy them something special
  • Plan for family reunions
  • Be respectful and always listen to them
  • Express your appreciation and gratitude


As we all know, Grandparents always adore their grandchildren with their full of love. One of the kindest things your kids may do for them this holiday season is to honor them with anniversary gifts for grandparents DIY. Grandma and Grandpa will therefore always treasure these handcrafted treasures. You know, DIY anniversary gifts for grandparents that the grandchildren make themselves are precious. Particularly because these kinds of presents are made with their grandkids' creative touch.